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Appsumo Review: What Is Appsumo And Is It Worth It?

This study looks at the AppSumo service to see how well it works and how good it is. Read on to find out if you agree with our point of view or not. This content helps you a lot to decide whether you should pick up service from Appsumo or not.

Creating a company from nothing is difficult. Long-term success requires a distinct brand identity, an online presence through websites and social media, a loyal following, and prospective clients. Converting people into customers and running great marketing campaigns is more important than keeping their attention. On top of that, knowing how to communicate with one’s audience is essential as well.

Appropriate business software simplifies process optimization, creating a more intelligent and efficient company. However, professional business software is pricey. Yet, AppSumo provides essential software with a single license, thus businesses may drastically decrease their annual expenditures.

Though there are some dissatisfied users but still AppSumo has a good reputation on its own.

AppSumo: What Is It?

Entrepreneur Noah Kagan noticed a huge market need in 2010. He found that people need improved software, additional data, and a large group of people to succeed. Intending to assist other businesses, he created a website where tools could be sold at greatly reduced prices.

AppSumo offers the option to get a lifetime license. This is widely recognized as the largest platform in its domain. Based on personal observation, it consistently offers the most favorable deals. Nevertheless, it is important to note that several other websites provide similar services.

AppSumo has an excellent return policy that is better than what other platforms offer. All the software that can be bought comes with a 60-day money-back promise. So, a customer can buy a product and then start to use it for a while. After using the product, if the users see that the product doesn’t meet their wants or interests, they could get the opportunity to ask AppSumo for a refund.

The tools you can use are usually given by this new Software as a Service (SaaS) companies that offer their stuff with subscription-based pricing. So, this person wants to sell their things on AppSumo for a super affordable price including a one-time fee.

How does the AppSumo platform work?

AppSumo works with both digital service providers and digital goods sellers. For the deals to go through, they will have to be willing to offer big cuts on their goods and services. With AppSumo’s marketing power, these businesses may quickly make a lot of money by generating a significant number of sales.

AppSumo informs its massive online audience about the specifics of each offer. This allows them to buy enough goods to make their business successful. Clicking on an AppSumo deal takes you to a website where you can learn about the app you need to buy. Then you would see a brief movie, check feedback, and see what other customers think. From initial concept to final review, they work together as real partners on every front.

From AppSumo, partners get more publicity and new customers. At the same time, AppSumo uses a portion of the money to pay for its own business.

Sumo-lings, AppSumo’s most loyal customers, get access to three new deals weekly. The annual cost of a bundle from another service may exceed the one-time price of a lifetime deal. AppSumo works very hard to get the word out about all of their contracts.

AppSumo will only show you 10% of the apps they think are the best. This means they try to find out the best one for their customers. Sellers will limit the number of deals they offer, which means you won’t continue to be capable to get them once they’re gone.

Who is the Target Audience for AppSumo?

The main focus of software discounts is directed toward individuals who run businesses. If you own a blog, engage in freelance writing or design, or operate any form of digital enterprise, it is highly recommended to explore the aforementioned resources.

The following are some examples of applications that frequently encounter on that platform:

  • SEO Resources
  • Promotional email software
  • Equipment for making pictures
  • Applications for Video Production
  • Media resources
  • Analytics software, and so on.

What is the reason behind companies choosing to make their products available on AppSumo?

You may make inquiries regarding the rationale behind a software company’s decision to make its product available on AppSumo. Why would a corporation decide to provide its product at a considerably discounted price for a lifetime deal rather than creating a monthly subscription model? Even the subscription model would create a steady and sustainable stream of revenue over time! Consequently, you may question Why not offer the product at a lower-than-usual price for the duration of the promotion?

It’s not too hard to figure out what to do in this situation. AppSumo lets its users quickly build up a large number of clients. As a result, bring in a lot of money in a short amount of time. AppSumo lets businesses talk to a large number of users. It also has tools like a large email list, a network of 4,000 agents, and more than a million people who have signed up for the platform. It is, at its most fundamental level, a marketing instrument that a company can use to launch its product.

Users of AppSumo, who are lovingly called “Sumolings,” give useful feedback during the planning part of new products. Because they are so concerned with the ones they purchase.

Strategies to maximize your AppSumo experience

You may be interested in launching your product on AppSumo. However, before going to launch the product, you should know its potential benefits. Check out what you can get the best course of action here. 

  • Make an effort to enroll in the preferred program: This program will provide you with a significant increase in visibility right from the beginning. Besides given that they do not accept everyone. So, this option might not be suitable for everyone. 

If you go this way, you will get a lot of attention and sales. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are prepared for this outcome. 

  • Arrange individuals in a queue to receive your offer: Starting a sale is much easier when you have a list of potential buyers ready and waiting for receiving your product to apply in their business. These customers will almost certainly give you feedback, which will provide you with-
  • uncheckedValidation from the social group
  • uncheckedGreater exposure, and vice versa

This is even more important if you choose the service on your own. Not many    businesses immediately see an increase in revenue after going live on the market. In this particular scenario, the presence of an existing audience will facilitate your business to increase visibility and, therefore, fame. 

  • Set a time limit on your deal: If your SaaS platform’s main goal is to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR), extended contract lengths are counterproductive. AppSumo normally offers a contract of 120 days, however, it was shortened to 90 days. Avoiding further delays is critical since developing a financially sustainable company strategy becomes increasingly difficult. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using AppSumo 

AppSumo both has good and bad sides. Some of them are described below:


  • AppSumo boasts an impressive network of almost 3.5 million partners engaged in the distribution and sale of their products.
  • Long-term agreements
  • The reward system of the policy on refunds is both friendly and reasonable
  • AppSumo customers are entitled to a discount of 10% on a KingSumo subscription
  • The team at AppSumo consistently shows a high level of helpfulness and enthusiasm
  • There exists a highly engaged community group of Sumo-Lings, who actively participate in various activities and discussions


  • The terms and functionality of some AppSumo deals may change after the sale.
  • The strategy for giving money back could be confusing
  • Customer care representatives are not always reliable or clear in their communications
  • A lot of motivation is usually shown in user reviews which is sometimes confusing to the real buyer

Is it worthwhile to use AppSumo or not?  

A common inquiry people do is that if AppSumo is a valuable one or not. Though this one is a simple query, the response is complicated. You may have different expectations from AppSumo. But, the expectations vary for each individual. The most common goals across SaaS businesses include the following: 

  • Obtaining initial “paying” customers
  • Feedback on Products 
  • Get the details information first
  • Make a bit of money
  • Verify the market viability of your product

This is the reason, at first, you should find out why you want to post your item before you do so.

Last Words

If you don’t mind dealing with clients who are picky about the products that they buy, then offering your software for sale at a predetermined price can be an option that will work well for you. The first thing you need to do is get early adopters in the market. Only then you could figure out if your product is a good fit for the market or find investors and other contributors. But you need to remain conscious that you won’t be able to get any new regular customers while the deal is in place. Overall, AppSumo would become pretty satisfactory for you!

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