SendNow Review

SendNow Review & Lifetime Deal [$59] – Overview and Features

SendNow Overview

SendNow is a cold email outreach platform that offers tools for cold email automation and improved deliverability.

Connect up to hundred (100) different emails to increase deliverability by spreading your number of emails between inboxes.

You can manage campaigns between different accounts by using sendnow without any headaches.

You will set cold outreach campaigns, automate your email sequences, and look after leads on autopilot.

SendNow Features

  • Seamlessly connect with your audience. with automated email sequences. 
  • AI powered email writing. 
  • Elevate your email deliverability. 
  • Get rid of inbox chaos. 
  • Power up your email campaign. 
  • Write better versions of. 
  • Real-Time Inbox Rotation.

SendNow Appsumo Deal

SendNow review

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