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WP Compress: An Image Optimization Plugin For WordPress

A plugin for WordPress that works for optimizing photos, is a helpful tool. It may assist in lowering the file size of the photographs on your WordPress website and improving. Besides minimizing the amount of space required for images, it also enhances the overall quality of those images. 

The reason for lessening the image size is the potential adverse effect on the WordPress website’s loading time when uploading bigger photos. This larger processing time could harm search engine optimization. It can also hamper the overall user experience of your WordPress-made website.

When uploading a picture, the plugin shows its capacity to automatically decrease the overall image file size while maintaining the quality of the photograph. This incident occurs during the image processing phase. This procedure focuses on getting rid of unnecessary data, decreasing the color complexity of images, and performing a lot of internal work to minimize the overall size of the image file. Reducing the file size will enhance the quick-loading ability of photos and it helps to speed up the overall performance of the WordPress website. So, it is very important to use an image optimization plugin to enhance the website’s performance as well as get instant and significant photo loading quality.

A detailed overview of “WP Compress” 

WP Compress is a fantastic image optimization plugin that offers you a way to automatically compress your overall photo size. This may help your site move up after resulting in a high rank on Google and other search engines. 

WP Compress is a well-known WordPress plugin tool that focuses on optimizing and compressing images. This image optimization solution has a built-in hybrid content delivery network (CDN). It includes additional capabilities like CSS and JS optimization on top of its core functionality.

Though its main task is to provide image compression services, it offers other interesting services in the same way too. It provides beneficial operations like cloud backups, safeguarding images against over-compression, agency tools, and a centralized administration dashboard. 

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Offering Features From WP Compress

You might eagerly want to know the offerings from the WP Compress plugin. There are so many features that come out of the WP Compress solution. But, some of the features are available only for premium users who are updated from the free version of this plugin. Without spending money, you can only be eligible to edit pictures from the free edition of it. 

Here are some features of WP Compress. It might be helpful for you if you look over before installing it:

  • Optimization of Images in Real Time: At the time of uploading images using WordPress uploader, the WP compress plugin optimizes it instantly using its server.
  • Protects the EXIF goods: This plugin provides an exciting feature hiding image-related information like camera details, the area from where the image has been taken, background noise, etc. This plugin has also the ability to give all these pieces of information named EXIF data back if you want so. 
  • Flexible image processing to fit in all sized screens: All types of scaling sizes have access to the WP compress server. So, whenever this plugin reforms any image, it fits on all types of screens. 
  • Quick reload of WordPress site: You already acknowledged the robust image quality after editing WP Compress plugin. This flexible image-fitting ability on all types of screens lessens unnecessary data spending during site loading. So, it helps to enhance the website’s overall speed.
  • WebP image service: Google offers a new image format named WebP and almost all the browsers support this image format. This image format is far better than GIF, JPG, PNG, or any other format. 
  • Customize CDN domain including chargeless SSL: Using this plugin you would have got the facility to enjoy customizing the CDN domain to your website pictures. On top of everything, WP compress presents a chargeless SSL for those custom CDN domains. These special features represent that your WordPress-made website has secured resources.
  • Responsive support for retina devices: This plugin has an optimized and supportive service for retina-ready pictures. 
  • Serving SVG images via CDN: If you want to use SVG image files, WP compresses plugin serves those over CDN.
  •  Enrich with optimizing capability: WP Compress plugin can develop CSS files which you could get via CDN. Besides this, this plugin also optimizes the files in the JS library and that is also delivered via CDN. 

WP Compress Plugin’s image optimization with real-time

Real-time image optimization indicates the boosting or developing process of an image hurriedly. Once a WordPress media uploader syncs an image, the plugin will automatically start to work after downloading the image. This plugin optimizes the image in its server so that the site visitor could see the image. 

If you search, then you could find out that there are three levels of optimizations available. These are: 

  1. Lossless: Seeing this type of name, you already get an idea about the optimization process so far. It offers a minimum streamline to compress the images. Working on images, lossless optimization makes an indefectible change in image pixels. That is why the modified images look like the ancient images. This is the reason that technical artists use this plugin to make changes on their drawings. Medical drawings also need this plugin not to make any changes to the details of their original illustrations or sketches. 
  2. Sharp or intelligent: This is one kind of lossy compression. However, the measure of change in pictures is stubby. Most of the time, blogs and websites require this type of compression approach from the WP compress plugin.
  3. Ultra: Like the sharp of the intelligent one, this one is also one kind of lossy compression. But, a major difference between the Ultra and the intelligent one is the compression ratio. Ultra level of optimization proposes maximum optimization. As a result, a remarkable change occurs in the image quality. So, you could easily identify the difference between the original image and the ultra-level optimized image. That’s why, before choosing ultra level you need to ask yourself first what change you should make in your image and how it would be beneficial for you.

Modes offered by WP Compress

There are two optimization modes offered by WP Compress. These two modes include Live optimization and Local optimization. 

  • Live optimization: Using live optimization, you will find out that the plugin is connected to WP compress. Then the images will be downloaded from the server immediately and start its working procedure. In addition, this mode is capable to generate interactive images, bringing variety to WebP, delivering retina support, and proposing a slothful loading service.
  • Local optimization: In this way, all of your image’s optimization will take place on your server. After that, the images will be archived locally. You will have the power to compress all the images sorted in the media library. Even, you would be able to amplify the WordPress-made thumbnail. Furthermore, local optimization also can generate the formation of WebP. Comparing local optimization with live optimization, live optimization is always better. However, you will have the chance to swap to local mode whenever you need.

WP Compress’s Pros and Cons

After using this plugin, you will discover that there are both advantages and disadvantages of WP Compress. Some of these are given below:


  • It will allow you an unbelievably simple interface that will make your usage comfortable.
  • Using ultra-compression mode will give you a fairly acceptable compression rate.
  • Here your only duty is to upload the image, then live CDN will do all the work automatically. So, this will give you hands-free expertise.
  • The plugin’s automatic adaptive image delivery helps to increase the website’s speed even on a tiny screen.
  • This plugin includes both lazy loading and retina support.


  • Though Ultra mode delivers maximum compression rate sometimes it doesn’t meet the satisfactory point.
  • Despite having an intelligent mode, the lossless mode performs better than the intelligent or sharp one.

Last Thoughts

Overall, WP Compress is a wonderful plugin. Same as Optimole, it also offers a handless mission to optimize images for boosting the website. Before choosing live optimization mode, you have the option to pick up local optimization mode to run your site initially. Hopefully, the service from the WP compress plugin will be quite satisfactory for you!

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