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Brilliant Directories Review & Lifetime Deal [$89]

Brilliant Directories is a software platform that allows users to create and manage online directories. It provides an exclusive set of tools and features to build, customize, and monetize directory websites for various industries and purposes.

With Brilliant Directories, you can create a directory website that lists businesses, professionals, organizations, or any other type of categorized information. The platform offers templates and design options to customize the look and feel of your directory, along with functionality to add listings, search capabilities, member profiles, ratings and reviews, and more.

Additionally, Brilliant Directories provides tools for managing memberships, subscriptions, and payments, allowing you to monetize your directory by offering premium features, advertising opportunities, or paid listings. The platform also includes built-in marketing and SEO features to help promote your directory and attract visitors.

With its features, user-friendly interface, and customizable options, Brilliant Directories empowers individuals and organizations to create and manage their online directories effortlessly. In this post, we will explain the crucial features and pricing options, as well as the pros and cons of Brilliant Directories.

Features and Benefits:

1. Easy Directory Creation:

Brilliant Directories offers a seamless directory creation process. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your directory’s design, layout, and branding elements. The platform provides a varied range of templates and design options to choose from, ensuring your directory has a professional and visually appealing look.

2. Robust Listing Management:

Managing listings is a breeze with Brilliant Directories. You can effortlessly add, edit, and organize listings, complete with comprehensive details such as contact information, descriptions, images, and even interactive maps. The platform also enables users to claim their listings and update them directly.

3. Advanced Search Functionality:

Brilliant Directories incorporates powerful search capabilities, allowing visitors to find specific listings based on various criteria such as location, category, keywords, and more. This feature enhances the user experience, enabling efficient and targeted searches within your directory.

4. Member Profiles and Networking:

The platform offers customizable member profiles, enabling individuals and businesses to create dedicated pages within the directory. Members can showcase their expertise, display portfolios, and connect with other professionals or customers. This networking aspect adds value to your directory by fostering collaboration and engagement among users.

5. Monetization Options:

Brilliant Directories provides several monetization avenues. You can offer premium listings with enhanced visibility and additional features to generate revenue. Additionally, the platform supports advertising placements, allowing you to sell ad space and boost your income. The built-in payment gateway integration simplifies the process of collecting payments from members.

6. Membership Management:

Managing memberships is made effortless with Brilliant Directories. You can set up different membership levels with varying access and privileges. The platform provides automated billing, subscription management, and email reminders, streamlining the process of retaining and growing your member base.

Here are the pricing options for Brilliant Directories:

1. Monthly Plan:

Price: $145 per month

Features You Will Get:

  • Premium Hosting included
  • Friendly Email Support included
  • Ability to manage up to 100,000 members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

2. Yearly Plan:

Price: $950 per year

Savings: 45% (averages $79 per month)

Features You Will Get:

  • Premium Hosting included
  • Friendly Email Support included
  • Ability to manage up to 100,000 members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

3. One-Time Payment Plan:

Price: $1,450

Payment Type: One-time payment

Ownership: You own it for life


  • Lifetime Hosting included
  • Lifetime Email Support included
  • Ability to manage up to 100,000 members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

The pros and cons of using Brilliant Directories

There are some benefits and drawbacks you will find during the use of brilliant directories. These are given below:


  • This Software has a 7-day free trial for all Users.
  • The User-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop editor facilitate easy directory creation and management.
  • Extensive customization options ensure your directory reflects your brand and vision.
  • Robust search functionality allows users to find relevant listings quickly and easily.
  • Membership management features streamline the process of managing memberships and collecting payments.
  • Monetization options enable you to generate revenue from your directory.
  • Dedicated member profiles and networking features foster engagement and collaboration.


  • Pricing plans may be higher for small-scale or niche directory projects.
  • Advanced customization options may require technical expertise or additional development.
  • The learning curve for utilizing all the features and maximizing the platform’s potential may be steep for beginners.

Brilliant Directories Appsumo Deal $89 !

Here’s the best part – thanks to AppSumo, you can access all the incredible features of Brilliant Directories for just $89, a significant discount from the regular price of $1069! Indeed, you receive all the tools and functionalities necessary to build a robust online community without breaking the bank. Additionally, you do not have to purchase just one specific Plan with a high price. You can get all plans together at one price. Let’s check out what’s more.

Terms and conditions

  • Brilliant Directories Lifetime Access
  • Any further changes to the Website Plan
  • If the Plan’s name changes, the Deal will be updated to reflect the new name.
  • You can pick the Plan that works best for you without worrying about codes or stacking.
  • Your license will expire unless activated within 60 days after purchase.
  • Access to 5 different license tiers, with the option to upgrade or decrease
  • compatible with GDPR
  • Upgrades are available for customers who have already purchased Brilliant Directories from AppSumo to expand the number of available features.

Features that all plans include

  • Send out newsletters
  • SSL Certificate
  • An Extension for Exporting Member Information
  • one forever website


In conclusion, Brilliant Directories opens up a world of revenue opportunities beyond just paid membership plans. You can significantly boost paid sign-ups by implementing strategies like free trials, discount promo codes, and business listing imports. Safeguarding premium content through paid plans ensures that valuable resources remain exclusive to members, encouraging more registrations. Additionally, the platform’s seamless setup and management make monetizing your membership site effortless, leaving you with more time and energy to cater to your valued members. With Brilliant Directories, launching your first membership website becomes a truly exceptional and rewarding experience. So go ahead and create your thriving online community, knowing that Brilliant Directories has your back every step of the way.

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